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Waves Flip Flops

Waves Flip Flops


All-day comfort is the name of the game when summer is on. These personalized flip flops can now take on your unique designs add some character to your summer escapades. With an easy slip-on design, a cushioned footbed, and top-tier printing fidelity, these flip flops are a guaranteed summer hit. .: 5/8" (15 mm) thick EVA sole .: 100% polyester suede sole cover .: Black PVC strap .: Multiple sizes

WAVES ▪️ The ocean is never still. Whether observing from the beach or a boat, we expect to see waves on the horizon. Waves are created by energy passing through water, causing it to move in a circular motion. Which in turn inspired AdhikariSeal to explore the idea of pleating. ▪️PLEATING ▪️ Put simply, #pleating is a way of #folding fabric to create fullness, ease or #texture in a garment and your choice and placement of pleat can have a dramatic impact on the #shape and style of our #handmade garments. There are probably a billion jillion different ways to pleat your fabric, but at Adhikari-Seal we aim to use random pleats with #shasiko and #kantha stitching. Inspired by Chaos Theory, where it says that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization. 

EU size38 - 3939.5 - 4141.5 - 4343.5 - 45
US size women7 - 89 - 1011 - 1213 - 14
US size men5 - 67 - 89 - 1011 - 12
Length, in9.8410.6311.4212.20
Width, in3.784.254.494.72


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