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Iceland Coastline Women's Sneakers

Iceland Coastline Women's Sneakers


Walk with confidence in a pair of these unique sneakers! Extremely comfortable canvas sneakers with a high quality print are made to last and to impress - a truly original way to express oneself and to inspire new fashion trends on the go.

: Made of 25.71 oz. Nylon canvas
.: 6-12 US sizes
.: Lightweight
.: Durable rubber outsole
.: Black inside interior

INSPIRATION ▪️AERIAL PHOTO x ICELANDS COASTLINE. At AdhikariSeal we are in awe of Icelands coastline and to be able to to see this through ‘aerial photography’ has inspired us to create this textile. We use #kantha and #sashiko along with #dyeing /#painting to create this effect. . -Interesting Facts: Kite Aerial Photography was pioneered by British meteorologist E.D. Archibald in 1882. He used an explosive charge on a timer to take photographs from the air.The same year, Cecil Shadbolt devised a method of taking photographs from the basket of a gas balloon, including shots looking vertically downwards.

 US 6US 7US 7.5US 8US 9US 10US 11US 12
EU size3637383940414243
UK size566.57891011
Heel to toe (inside), in9.179.459.729.9610.2410.4710.7511.02
Width, in3.623.703.703.783.823.863.943.98


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