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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

My basic understanding of String Theory. I am not a scientist so this is a very modest understanding from a novice.

"Every event in space has a related time”

So lets relate this to textiles, embellishment, texture and the how we at Adhikari-Seal try to use this theory to inspire our textiles.

I am going to assume some things to explain. The textile I am creating takes 4 hours to create.

  • So we have an A4 piece of white cotton.

  • At 10.00 am I start working on it. I create a stitch on the bottom left.

  • There after I stitch one every minute.

  • So that's 60 stiches a minute and in 4 hours that would be 240 stiches.

  • But every stitch is not in the same place.

  • So as I move upwards and if I could relate this to time and space what would that look like?

  • Each stitch has a time and space on a 2 dimensional plane (for us the A4 fabric)

(The diagram below should help you understand.)

As a result if we recreate this over a 4 hour period we could theoretically recreate a pattern on our 2 dimensional piece of A4 cotton.

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